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Howard Family Farms


Besides offering you tangible products, we're also happy to provide you with knowledge! We will teach you safe canning if you have a desire to prepare and store more of your family's food in order to control what goes in to each food you eat, and to save by preserving foods when they're in season (and thus, cheaper). We offer this individually or in small groups (up to 4 people) if you want to gather a few friends and work on it together.

We currently offer classes for both water bath canning and for pressure canning. I only use and follow USDA recommended canning recipes/methods to be sure that your food will be safe for your family. If you have a particular food you want to learn to preserve (i.e. you want to can ground beef, or you want to learn to can applesauce, etc.), let us know and we're happy to set something up with you when that food is in season. Pricing depends on if we're doing water bath or pressure, if I'm providing the food to be canned or if you're bringing it, and also depends on if it's an individual class or group. 

Canning is an art that has been super beneficial to our family because we're able to put up lots of fruits, vegetables, condiments, sauces, broths, and meats that create nourishing and quick meals all through the winter. There's nothing quite like opening a jar of peaches during a January snow storm to remind you of summer's warmth! Contact us if you're interested and we'll have you on your way to a well-stocked pantry soon!

In addition to canning we are happy to give instruction in the other following areas:

  • Sourdough 
  • Bread (non-sourdough)
  • Essential oils
  • Living a more natural life
  • Ditching chemicals

*Prices vary depending on what you'd like to learn and the time involved.*