It's Been A Long Time...

Well... yes, I'm apparently having a rocky start to my blogging! It's been roughly 6 months since my last (and first) post!

A lot has happened since then, so I'm going to do my best to write a brief recap and tell you what's coming up, Lord willing!

To begin - this blog was originally created so that I could update my grandpa who lived pretty far away and always wanted to know what was going on with Kevin and I. He loved farming and hearing about it was a great source of entertainment for him when I would tell him stories about our goofy goats, cows, or a wayward chicken. Unfortunately (for us left here), my Pap entered the presence of his Lord and Savior in November and no longer can see my blog. However, I feel that this blog can become a market tool for us as we seek to grow our farm.

Kevin and I thoroughly enjoyed our first Christmas together as a married couple. We went to a Christmas tree farm to harvest our own fresh tree and had a great time decorating it together. We were able to spend Christmas day with my family in PA and then hosted Kevin's family Christmas later in the week.

In January we began butchering our steers and to our pleasant surprise had an overwhelming customer list. We had several people who ended up wanting to buy, but we didn't have enough meat before it was said and done!! All five are now in people's freezers and we get compliments on the quality, flavor, and leanness of our meat on a regular basis. This year we're hoping to grow slightly and then really expand next year when we gain some more ground to work with. We're also working on getting a license that will allow us to sell cuts so that people can choose what to buy as they need it.

On January 1, our mama goat delivered twin girls. A few days later one of them died, but the other is alive and thriving! Sammy is quite blocky and such a sweetheart. We enjoy her a lot! We also adopted a bottle baby buck from our neighbor. He's named King because of a white "crown" marking, but it's an apt name for the little guy. He's quite the character and takes his kingdom with him wherever he goes. He thinks he runs the place... shh, don't tell him we're really in charge! (King will have a post all of his own very soon!)

There will be many updates coming! Some of the upcoming topics will be: Belted Galloways, Idaho Pasture Pigs, our goats, some experiments that I've tried from Pinterest, some recipes I've been playing with, and just general updates on what goes on around here these days.

It's been a crazy few months with so many blessings from God. We remark often to each other that it's hard to believe how far our Lord has brought us in the past year. As a couple we pray often that God will continue to grow our fledgling farm and use it to glorify Himself. As we seek to honor Him with our work here, we invite you to join us on our journey and visit our farm through our blog!