Howard Family Farms
Howard Family Farms



Grass Fed * Non-GMO * No Hormones/Antibiotics


Our pork is available by the half or whole hog. Our hogs live in the woods in a deep-bedded hoop barn and have access to pig paradise: dirt, a mud wallow, deep hay bedding (that they love to roll in, burrow in, romp in, and eat!), etc. We believe that's how it's meant to be. 

Our pigs are fed non-GMO grains in addition to their diet of homemade hay, produce, and milk! They are never fed anything medicated or given any antibiotics or hormones. 

For 2018 our pork is again $3.40/lb + processing based on the hang weight (carcass weight - there is some shrinkage between the hang weight and the take-home weight. This is due to the hanging process which helps tenderize the meat and give extra flavor. This is standard; you can assume to take home 60-70% of the carcass weight).  Processing is approximately $0.75/lb plus the curing costs (optional if you want ham/bacon cured). Your pork comes vacuum sealed, frozen, and labeled. You will speak directly to the butcher to give instructions on how you'd like your pork prepared.

We require a non-refundable deposit for our meat. A half hog deposit is $100 and a whole hog deposit is $200. This deposit is deducted from your total charge. You may mail us a check for the deposit OR pay us directly at the Wheeling Farmers Market any Saturday from 8-12 by cash or check. You may pay your deposit (and/or balance) by credit card, but there will be an additional 2.75% added to cover our fees.

We're currently accepting deposits for fall 2018. We will take reservations until September 1 OR until the list is full (whichever happens first). 


Customer comments about our pork:

"Tastes just like when my grandma made it."

"It takes me back to my childhood."

"It tastes like meat used to taste."


*All sales are final. Due to state law, once the animal is delivered to the butcher it is the customer's responsibility and no refunds/cancellations can be made.*


People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.
— Wendell Berry