Howard Family Farms
Howard Family Farms




Our chickens arrive when they're one day old and are housed in a heated brooder until they grow feathers. After that they are pastured in large chicken tractors until they reach maturity. We offer their meat in the form of whole birds, a wide variety of cuts, chicken sausage, bags of bones for broth, and occasionally we offer stewing hens.

We also offer eggs from our pastured layer hens. They're raised and kept the same way as our meat birds. 


Poultry Practices

We raise our poultry using the following practices, which we believe are very important to produce high quality and nutritious meat:

  • NO hormones, ever
  • NO antibiotics, ever
  • NO GMOs, ever
  • NO overcrowding, ever
  • YES - they get to eat bugs and grass
  • YES - they are outside (once they have feathers) and can scratch in the dirt
  • YES - they get moved to fresh pasture at least once a day